Rio Grande City puts a lid on a foul smell

A $2 million dollar sewage treatment project could help put a lid on a foul smell in Rio Grande City.

The foul smell is coming from right behind the Rio Grande City CISD's baseball practice field.

"It is uncomfortable especially when it gets pretty hot," said Athletic Director Rey Ramirez.

The athletic director's office is nearby and he said it gets to the point where he has to leave the door open to his office to air out the smell.

"It gets pretty bad sometimes," he said.

The Rio Grande City Mayor Ruben Villarreal said the smell is due to an old sewage treatment plant.

Villarreal said the existing plant is about 30 to 40 years old.

It's run by motors, and when they break down, it makes things even smellier.

"You have sewage that takes longer to treat and doesn't get treated properly enough so then you have smell," said Villarreal.

But by fall, that's about to change.

The city is investing $2.2 million dollars to construct another sewage system and the mayor says this time, they will keep an eye on it and make improvements when needed.

"We're gonna have a brand new system, so now we're in charge of manning it and maintaining it and monitoring it making sure it works efficiently," he said.

Villarreal said to fund the sewage improvements, the city went to the water development board for a low interest loan.

"Those get applied into the billing system of the consumer, but luckily the impact will be drawn over several years," said Villarreal.

The hope is the newer technology will break down the solids and keep odors low.

Rio Grande City mayor Ruben Villarreal said the project is on track to be completed in October.