Rio Grande City schools see more students from Mexico

Every child deserves a chance at an education.

But when that opportunity is taken away, some have to find other means of getting it, even if that means going to another country. "This past month and a half we've picked up approximately an extra 90 students," said Rio Grande City CISD Superintendent Roel Gonzalez. That number could rise if the violence in Mexico continues.

"For the kids that come over the parents will tell you right away that they're American citizens, said Gonzalez. By right they deserve to be educated."

Rio Grande City was growing in population, even before the violence in Mexico started.

To keep up with the growth the city started construction on a new high school that can hold about 2,500 students, and still have room to go if needed.

"If we have a large growth, because of the situation we're in right now, it could cause a ripple effect into our high schools," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said while they do not anticipate a large increase in their high schools, they have to be prepared for whatever might come their way.

"What we're looking at is where we put the anticipated growth, it will be displaced between both high schools if it happens," said Gonzalez.