Rio Hondo family reacts to drunk driving accident

Susan Martin said no parent should ever have to go through what she experienced just 24 hours ago."I kept looking outside and he never came home," Martin said.She clenched a picture of her son Christopher Berg.Friday night two Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Troopers came knocking on her door---it's a visit no parent ever wants to get."When I came back in the living room, they said, sit down and once they said sit down I knew what it was...I don TMt remember anything after that, everything TMs like a blur," Martin said.She said he was barely starting to live his life.Christopher's girlfriend Yahaira Sanchez said the night started innocent enough.He called her to go out to Medusa Lounge in Harlingen.Sanchez said that after several buckets of beers and shots, she told Christopher he had already had too much to drink.She said an officer approached Christopher, told him to pack it up and leave and escorted him out."Before we left I was like Chris give me the keys, 'cause I was gonna drive|and he was like no, he was like no, stop making a scene in front of the cop. The cop didn TMt tell us anything he didn TMt help me or anything," Sanchez said.According to DPS Regional Spokesperson Sgt. Johnny Hernandez the crash occurred on F.M. 1846 South of Rio Hondo on Saturday at approximately 2:15 a.m.24-year-old Christopher was ejected from his car after he hit a utility pole ---flipping his 1992 Lexus. "If you have people drinking at your house, and they leave and they kill somebody or they get killed you're liable for it. Why shouldn't the police be liable for it, or have the bar be liable; they had the police working there, and they didn TMt do their job. If they had done their job my son may still be alive," Martin said.According to Sgt. Johnny Hernandez speed and alcohol may have been a factor.The family wants everyone to learn from this mistake and hand over the keys before it's too late.Action 4 News spoke to the owner of Medusa Lounge and he confirmed, that they did have two off duty officers at the lounge.He said Christopher was removed because he was making other customers uncomfortable...when escorted out by the off duty officers they said, he did show signs of intoxication. Two women with Christopher said that they were going to take him home. It is at that point that the person resumes responsibility of the intoxicated individual...they said, that if he had happened, to be by himself, which was not the case here, they would of called a cab or Harlingen Police.Christopher's family is asking for help.The Berg family has set up an account at the Woodforest National Bank inside of the San Benito Wal-Mart.They are taking donations to help cover funeral expenses.The account is under Micheal Stephen Berg.Click here to follow Veronica on FacebookClick here to follow Veronica on Twitter