Rio Hondo ISD bus safety issues raised after 4th grader is 'beat up'

A 4th grade Rio Hondo student is at the center of a push for security cameras to be installed in all Rio Hondo ISD school buses.

He was allegedly beat up by 3 students Thursday afternoon.

Photos taken by his mother showed bruising on parts of his body.

The incident is now under investigation by district officials.

The boy's cousin, Emma Martinez, who's in kindergarten, said she witnessed the attack on the bus.

"I saw that he was getting hit... And the other boys started it first," she said.

He was reportedly being picked on by the upper and lower classmen alleged attackers because of his weight.

Martinez recalled where she saw her cousin being hit.

"On his stomach."

His grandmother, Adriana Herrera said he was punched, kicked, smacked in the face with a book and even hit in his private area by the other students.

She said they called him "fatso."

Campus police are involved.

Charges could be filed against the students in question.

But the bigger issue for the family of the alleged victim is why the bus driver didn't call for help.

"He should have pulled over...stopped," Herrera said.

And with no security cameras in operation on district buses, she fears this beating could happen again.

"It happened to him... it could happen to someone else."

The school district is not taking this incident lightly just because of the ages of the kids.

Superintendent Anneliese McMinn said a full and thorough investigation is underway.

The district's police force is still interviewing those involved.

She said the appropriate action will be taken against not only students but the driver if it was found he did not follow district safety protocol when it comes to student fights.

McMinn also said every bus driver would be getting a safety review.

She added how high tech cameras on school buses were currently on the table for discussion.