Rio Hondo man promised rabbit, puppy to sexual abuse victims

A Rio Hondo man is behind bars after being accused of sexually abusing two sisters while they stayed at his family TMs home.

Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department deputies arrested 19-year-old Eloy Galvez on Sunday.

Court records obtained by Action 4 News show that it started back on January 7th at a home near FM 106 and County Road 803.

The girl TMs mother dropped off her daughters to spend a couple of nights at a home where Galvez lived at a separate house on the same property.

Galvez alllegedly molested the girls during their stay but one of them screamed and he stopped.

According to court records, Galvez promised them a bunny and a puppy if they didn TMt say anything about what happened.

The girl TMs mother told deputies that Galvez unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide when she confronted him about what happened.

Court records show Galvez confessed to the crime and to telling the girls he would get them a bunny and puppy if they didn TMt say anything.

Deputies charged Galvez with two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

The Rio Hondo man remains in custody at the Cameron County Jail under $100,000 dollars in bonds.