Rivera high school students protest principal switch

A small protest surprised Brownsville Independent School District employees Friday.

Simon Rivera High School students picketed outside their offices.

They demanded their principal, Tim Snyder, continue working at their school.

Thursday, students learned Principal Snyder was switched to Lincoln Park Alternative High School.

They said the news came with no explanation.

"We just want an answer why, said student Erica Gomez.

Claiming an administrator ordered them to stop protesting, the group huddled behind a wall to decide their next move.

"They just told us BISD doesn't want this happening, because they thought it was going to create more chaos, said Gomez.

In the end, the student protesters decided to leave.

In doing so, they accidentally locked their keys in the trunk of a car.

BISD administrators said they ended up pitching in money to pop open the lock.

Administrators then took them inside and out of the heat, offering them water and an explanation as to why the principal was moved.

The new Interim Superintendent reportedly made the decision to move the principal in the best interest of the district.

A BISD spokeswoman said it's not unusual for top administrators to make reassignments before a new school year.

She added the school district respects students' rights to voice their opinions.