Roach crawls out during interview with owner who denies insect problem

"Keep it clean"

Rodriguez Groceries on 449 Ratliff Road in San Benito scored 34 demerits on a health inspection report.

Owner Tony Rodriguez called it the worst in the store TMs history since opening in 1958.

An inspector found a cross contamination of foods including bacon, chicken and corn dogs.

Other violations included dirty equipment, rodent droppings and roaches.

Tony told the Food Patrol that he never saw evidence of insect contamination.

I don TMt think he lied, Tony said about the inspector. I just think he thought we had the problem.

Tony invited the Food Patrol to check out his kitchen which he called clean.

A roach crawled out from behind kitchen equipment and up the wall just seconds into the tour.

There TMs a roach right there, Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf said while pointing to it.

Tony took his hand and killed the roach which then fell into the sink.

The tour ended shortly after with Tony asking the Food Patrol to leave.

An inspector shut the kitchen portion of the store down for eight days until a re-inspection cleared most of the violations.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

San BenitoRodriguez Groceries 449 Ratliff (34, 3) *Roaches, Rodent Droppings*First Friends Playschool 890 N Travis (20) *Mice Droppings*

BrownsvilleNew Wave Buffet 2960 Boca Chica Blvd (64) *Permanently Closed by Owner*

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San BenitoNoe TMs 148 S Travis

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