Roaches discovered in food at buffet with high demerits

Buffet City on 2921 Boca Chica Boulevard in Brownsville has more than a just a wide selection of food, the restaurant also has high number of health code violations too.

With 43 demerits, it's the dirtiest kitchen score this week on Food 4 Thought.

A March 19th inspection uncovers a buffet of nasty finds with roaches!

City photos obtained by the Food Patrol show insects on the floor and even at the bottom of a food tray.

There's also evidence of rodent poop!

Buffet City is ordered to fumigate and sanitize equipment.

Roaches also turn up at London Grill & Tavern on 129 East Nolana in McAllen.

The restaurant scores 14 demerits on a March 20th inspection.

The Food Patrol's heads inside London TMs to see if the insect contamination is gone.

Haroldo Lozano is the owner.

What happened? Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf asked.

We've been having a problem that's been occurring and occurring and I don't know from the outside orsomething," the owner responded.

An inspector notes live roaches are on a rear hand sink.

There are also gnats and a dead roach at the front bar, according to a report.

I don't know if it's bad service from the contractor| we've already changed like 3 times, Haroldo added. They just don't put strong enough medicine or something."

The owner also points out that he's a former top performer sticker winner who tries to go above and beyond for customer safety.

The health department is checking on London's every Monday.

A re-inspection shows no more insects.

Calidad en Carnes Meat Market on 1716 North La Homa Road in Palmview isn't keeping it clean.

32 demerits turn up on a March 19th inspection.

Raw meat on top of fresh vegetables is a cross-contamination violation listed on the report.

There are also gnats and flies along with a hot water malfunction.

The health department temporarily shut down the meat market for the water issue.

The business has since reopened.

Cici's Pizza on 601 Trenton Road in McAllen is this week's featured top performer with zero demerits.

The achievement earns the restaurant a sticker from the Food Patrol.

Silver Gomez is the general manager.

What does that mean to you personally? Ryan asked Silver about the sticker in his hand.

It means we have a clean restaurant, he responded. It means| we keep it clean!"

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleBuffet City 2921 Boca Chica (43) *Roaches in Food, Rodent Droppings*

McAllenLondon Grill 129 E Nolana (14) *Roaches*

PalmviewCalidad En Carnes Meat Market 1716 N La Homa Rd (32) *Gnats, Flies, Cross-Contamination Concerns*

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McAllenCici TMs 601 TrentonWhataburger 1000 E NolanaWhataburger 7101 N 10thRusso TMs Pizzeria 7017 N 10thSubway 7800 N 10thLittle Tokyo 2200 S 10th

EdinburgBurger King 1570 S ClosnerJack in the Box 1602 W UniversityBurger King 1702 W UniversityPizza Hut 247 E TrentonSubway 219 E Trenton

HarlingenLil Ritas 410 E TylerGreat China 2416 S 77

Los FresnosSubway 507 W Ocean