Road rage ends with one driver shot in the face

A drive down Monte Cristo Road west of U.S. 281 in Hidalgo County for a 23 year old man was anything but quiet.

"Shot in the face with one blast," said Sheriff Lupe Trevio of the victim of apparent road rage.

It began with two vehicles refusing to share the road.

We had an actual road rage incident where one vehicle cut off the other, said Sheriff Trevio.

Next thing people driving near Alamo Road saw where the two vehicles pulled off the roadway.

"The aggressive driver pulled over and waved down the other car. They got out, exchanged words and started to argue."

That's when road rage escalated into a physical and nearly deadly altercation.

"The aggressors in the first vehicle pulled out a shotgun and shot the victim almost at point blank range in the face," said Sheriff Trevio.

It was the quick thinking of witnesses who flagged down an officer and gave a description of the suspect vehicle that led authorities to 4 people believed to be involved in the crime.

"We found them at a residence on Val Verde Road. They are in custody for questioning."

The victim miraculously survived and was flown to a nearby hospital while authorities piece together the chain of events that led to the use of deadly force between two people who had never met each other before their paths crossed on that road.

The four people in custody include two male adults and two male juveniles.

None of them have been charged in the crime, but they could face aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.