Robbery suspects involved in rollover accident leaving crime scene

Mission Police Department Photo

One suspect is in the hospital and the other on the run tonight after they allegedly robbed a home in Mission early Friday afternoon.

Mission police told Action 4 News the two men kicked in the door at 3205 Tulipan Road and proceeded to steal jewelry from the residence.

Police said the home did have an alarm and it went off"but the suspects did not pay attention to it.

They said neighbors noticed the men inside the home and started yelling at them to get out.

According to police the men got spooked, got into their vehicle, and took off"they flipped that vehicle just a block from the crime scene.

Police believe one of the suspects was ejected from the vehicle and said the other took off running.

He remains on the run at this hour.

Police said he was last seen wearing a red shirt and denim pants.

The other suspect, thrown from the vehicle, is in the hospital at this hour and is expected to make a full recovery.

Charges are pending against that suspect.

The stolen jewelry was found inside the SUV.