'Rocky The Beaver' costing Edcouch taxpayers hundreds of dollars

Edcouch crews have worked night and day to get rid of the debris 'Rocky' brings into the drainage canal.

City officials told Action 4 News the clean up is costing them hundreds of dollars.

"The bill is probably in the hundreds of dollars and we're trying to get him before it gets in thousands of dollars," City Manager Mike Messa said. "It is a little taxing for us we are a small community and our budgets are limited. It has become quite expensive for us."

Messa said he is worried that the city will have to take extreme measures if 'Rocky' is not caught soon.

"We're reaching critical mass at this point...where something drastic might have to be done if we don't get this resolved quickly."

Director of Public Works David Alaniz is one of the men who has tried to trap and relocate 'Rocky.' He said the days have been long and overtime, which they are not supposed to get, is inevitable.

"We need to have that (drainage canal) unplugged. We are using this for the whole community here," Alaniz said.

Alaniz said they are still seeking suggestions from the community.

Anyone with experiene trapping or relocating beavers is asked ot call Edcouch City Hall at (956) 262-2140.