Rocky the beaver plugs pipe|again

He is the talk of the town and has gone from headache to home town celebrity.

"Anywhere we go here in the Delta area the talk is about Rocky, Rocky the Beaver," David Alaniz, the Edcouch public works director said.

He is tasked with catching this crafty critter, but doing so is easier said than done, he said. "He's back again.

He took off for the weekend."

Night after night this weekend, crews came out empty handed.

Then Monday morning, Rocky's triumphant return proved he is one smart and bold beaver. "There was a stool here in the water, a bar stool, Alaniz explained. Somehow he picked it up and plugged the pipe again with the stool."

The pipe had to be cleared up once again.

The risk is that any rain would have nowhere to go and surrounding areas would flood.

Alaniz told Action 4 News they are now contemplating other options, among them, placing a match cylinder in the pipe to keep water from plugging.

He added that they are starting to think Rocky may be a female and may have babies, which is why she won't leave her home.

"We're not trying to do anything to Rocky, he said. We TMre just trying to see how we can alleviate our problem."

The best solution, he added, is to find a new home for Rocky.