Rodent contamination exposed at central kitchen for dozens of adult daycares

Little A's Daycare in San Benito is a low performer

The central kitchen for Amigos Del Valle on 970 Anzalda Drive in San Benito serves as the hub for meals delivered to adult daycare center clients all across the Rio Grande Valley.

That makes it especially alarming to learn what's discovered behind the ovens.

Rodent droppings turn up on the last inspection as part of 18 demerits.

With the elderly at risk, the Food Patrol wants to know how safe the kitchen really is?

"You serve a lot of people," Action 4's Ryan Wolf said to management. "Clearly having droppings in a kitchen that size isn't good."

"Yeah, I know," Mario Nieto, assistant kitchen director said. "I understand that. That's why we already took care of that."

Mario gives the Food Patrol a tour of the facility and explains how beefed up pest control is helping to make rid the kitchen of the rodent contamination.

A check behind the ovens reveals no signs of new rodent poop.

Mario says it's a lesson learned.

The kitchen is safe, according to him.

La Michoacana on 770 West Elizabeth Street in Brownsville isn't keeping it clean.

The meat market scores 24 demerits as a low performer on a January 10th inspection.

Inspector photos show some of the problems.

The violations include: meats outside of original packaging with no labels, a gnat infestation near the entrance, large soiled containers that need be to disinfected along with cutting knives and other equipment as well.

A re-inspection shows some of the violations have been corrected with 11 demerits left.

Little A's Daycare on 250 North Travis in San Benito is busted with demerits too.

An inspector finds 23 demerits on a January16th check-up.

What's not on the menu?

A report indicates there's raw chicken near ready-to-eat-foods as a cross-contamination violation and there's also no 3 compartment sink to properly sanitize.

But Crystal Camacho says they're in the process of getting the proper equipment that wasn't required in the beginning.

"Actually the second one he did we got the 6 [demerits]," the manager explained. "We cleaned everything up. The only 6 he got us for is the sinks... We try our very best to keep everything clean."

Hacienda Restaurant on 1550 North Broadway in Elsa is this week's featured top performer with zero demerits.

The achievement calls for a special sticker delivery by the Food Patrol.

Open for some 35 years, Yesenia Regalado, who's a waitress, says they arguably have some of the best onion rings, chicken fried steak and caldo de pollo around.

But it's the multiple stickers on cleanliness at the restaurant's door that stands out too.

The Food Patrol gives Yesenia a sticker for the New Year.

"I'm pretty sure there's going to be a lot more people coming," Yesenia said.

You know what the Food Patrol says to that-- "Keep it clean!"

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

San BenitoAmigos Del Valle Central Kitchen 970 Anzalda Dr (18) *Rodent Droppings in Kitchen*Little A's 250 N Travis (23, 6) *Raw Chicken Near Ready to Eat Foods*

BrownsvilleLa Michoacana 770 W Elizabeth (24, 11) *Gnat Infestation, Dirty Knives*

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MissionDicky's BBQ Pit 2521 E Exp 83

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Los FresnosAngeles Restaurant 103 W Ocean Blvd

PharrWhataburger 1410 S CageSubway 1510 W Military Hwy

San BenitoSenor Taco 1270 W Bus 77Blue Marlin #1 615 E Bus 83

ElsaHacienda Restaurant 1550 N BroadwayPizza Hut 709 E Edinburg

McAllenDomino's 2016 Nolana Ave

DonnaMonte Carlo 1705 Miller Ave

BrownsvilleSubway 2370 Exp 77Pizza Hut 245 Security DrLong John Silvers 1165 Ruben Torres