Rodent droppings discovered in kitchen of popular seafood restaurant

Little Steps Daycare in San Benito had 48 demerits

A photograph exposes a sea of rodent poop at a seafood restaurant called the Oyster Bar II on 153 Paredes Line Road in Brownsville.

A kitchen cop documents the droppings on a health inspection report.

But that's not the only dirty finding.

Roaches are also caught on camera along with a cross contamination violation and uncovered foods.

There are 33 demerits on an initial health inspection report.

Manager Justo Gonzalez denies to the Food Patrol over the phone that the rodent poop exists.

"That's is not rat droppings," he said.

"What is it then, sir?" the Food Patrol asked.

"Uh... ask the head of the health department," he responded.

"It's your restaurant," the Food Patrol said. "What is it?"

"Uh... It's dirt, I guess... I don't know," the manager said.

Other violations include no hairnets and inadequate hand-washing.

The manager admits this inspection is their worst.

"We have never had before," he said. "That's why I think it was a personal vendetta by someone."

The Oyster Bar II, not to be confused with any other location with a similar name, scores 3 demerits on a reinspection.

The manager at RC's Meat Market on 135 South Bridge in Weslaco has a beef with their inspection too.

The store is a low performer with 23 demerits.

Violations on a health inspection report include off-temperature food, no hairnets, unsound condition of meat, mice poop and roaches!

The meat market is closed for a portion of the day as a result.

Rafael Cervantes, the store TMs manager, says the business isn't at fault.

"I respect authorization so we closed but they were lies," he told the Food Patrol. "We are clean and took down a sign for a political candidate. It's all political."

The health department denies the allegations saying the check-up was the result of a stench outside the store.

Little Steps Daycare on 1295 West Business 77 in San Benito has been closed since August 6th.

The health department shut the center down for failing to obtain a current permit.

But that's not all.

The center has the dirtiest inspection score this week on Food 4 Thought with 48 demerits.

There are a number of health code violations including off-temperature food, a cross contamination violation with ground beef, no soap or towels for proper sanitation and roaches!

The inspector says he finds their droppings and finds them nesting all over the kitchen area, including in the walls, cabinets even in the television.

Colletti's on 202 South 1st Street in Harlingen is this week's featured top performer with a zero demerit health inspection score.

Jesus Trevinos is the head chef who's awarded a top performer sticker on behalf of the Food Patrol.

"I just want everyone to know that we have the cleanest kitchen in the whole Rio Grande Valley," he said. "Everyone that comes in here says the same exact thing. This is great. So I want everyone to come try it out and have a good time."

You know what the Food Patrol says to that--"keep it clean!"

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleOyster Bar II 153 Paredes Line Rd (33, 3) *Roaches, Rodent Poop*

San BenitoLittle Steps Daycare 1295 W Bus 77 (48) *Roach Infestation, Shutdown*

WeslacoRC TMs Meat Market 135 S Bridge (23) *Roaches, Mice Poop*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

WeslacoWhataburger 318 N WestgateCarl TMs Jr 1408 W Exp 83

HarlingenColletti TMs 202 S 1st StWhataburger 613 Ed Carey DrPanda Express 2005 W LincolnSubway 509 S Exp 77Taco Bell 1518 Ed Carey Dr

San JuanIrene TMs 816 N I Rd

DonnaMonte Carlo 1705 E Miller AveTaco Landia 407 W Bus 83

AlamoCarmelitas 544 N Alamo Rd

McAllenDairy Queen 1501 N 23rdJimmy TMs Egg 4100 N 10th