Rodent droppings in Chinese restaurant, warning issued at dirty school kitchen

A Chinese restaurant in Raymondville earns the dirty distinction as a three-time low performer with rodent droppings on Food 4 Thought.

China Star on 100 North Highway 77 is busted by a state health inspector in May with 20 old droppings in an area used to store clean utensils, according to a report. A manager, who TMs been featured 3 other times on Food 4 Thought, denies the rodent contamination violation. The Food Patrol challenges the statement and asks, Cai Yu Hui, if she simply uses a rehearsed statement whenever questioned about dirty dining. You seem to say the same exact thing every time we TMre here, the Food Patrol said. Right now we don TMt do that, Hui said. Thank you. It TMs not just China Star on the dirty list this week. Palmview High School is a low performer with 21 demerits. La Joya ISD releases a statement to the Food Patrol which indicates all violations have been corrected. A county health inspector warns the kitchen will be closed if repairs aren TMt made for proper sanitation linked to hot water. Other violations include improper hand-washing and handling of ready-to-eat foods, along with dirty equipment. Click on the video link to see what else is not on the menu in this week TMs Food 4 Thought.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

RaymondvilleChina Star 100 N Hwy 77 *Rodent Contamination/20 Droppings*

PalmviewPalmview High School (21) *Dirty Equipment, Hot Water Issues*

BrownsvilleMadero TMs 1155 Minnesota (26) *Thawing Chicken w Dirty Dishes/Expired Buns*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

RaymondvilleBoot Co. 205 E Hidalgo

EdinburgSonic 2222 W UniversityKFC 2411 S Hwy 281Subway 1102 W TrentonTaqueria El Zarape 1706 W UniversityVilla Bonita 3701 E FM 2812

AlamoTaco Express 920 W AcaciaEl Dorado 755 Main St

San JuanPizza Hut 651 N NebraskaEl Rancho Grande 107 N NebraskaAnn TMs 221 W Bus 83

McAllenBlue Onion II 925 Dove AveTaquitono 2120 Nolana

PharrLa Palletera (restaurant) 1625 W Exp 83Star TMs 204 W Dicker

SPIDenny TMs 1100 Padre BlvdCaf Kranzler 2412 Padre Blvd

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