Rodent poop turns up in daycare for kids, Dairy Queen answers to live roaches

It TMs not just high demerits that land kitchens on the Food Patrol TMs naughty list, as a daycare center, convenience store and restaurant all found out this week on Food 4 Thought.

Little Angel TMs Academy on 44 West Madison Street in Brownsville was ordered to fumigate after a health inspector discovered rodent droppings in the daycare.

A worker told the Food Patrol over the phone how crumbs left behind from kids may have led to the rodent contamination.

We do sweep every day, Erika De La Cruz said. But you know that happens and at all centers.

The Dairy Queen on 524 Salinas Boulevard in Donna was busted with live roaches during a health inspection, according to the city TMs health department.

The discovery comes as a shock to many because the restaurant is a 2-time top performer on Food 4 Thought.

Stickers from the Food Patrol are up on the eatery TMs front door.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleLittle Angel TMs Academy 44 W Madison St (6) *Rodent Droppings/Fumigation Ordered*

DonnaDairy Queen 524 Salinas Blvd (6) *Live Roaches*

EdinburgStripes 4420 W University (9) *Live roaches, Flies*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

EdinburgHungry Howie TMs 313 S Sugar RdDairy Queen 1224 W UniversityPizza Patron 3911 S McColl

PharrCostillas Grill 6813 S JacksonWhataburger 1410 S CageLittle Caesar TMs 6201 S Cage

San JuanSan Juan Caf 1618 N I Rd

HarlingenDomino TMs 703 N 77 SunshineEl Rancho 206 N 77 SunshineOlive Garden 1802 W LincolnSubway 4706 Exp Frontage

DonnaDaisy Caf 133 S 8th St

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