Rodents blamed for canal break near Weslaco

Crews continued working on Wednesday to fix the damage left behind by water-loving rodents,known as nutrias, on a canal near Mile 9 Road and Westgate.

Precinct One Commissioner Joel Quintanilla told Action 4 News there are several factors that led to the canal break.

He said the first is the high volume of water through this canal which runs along the western portion of Hidalgo County.

It supplies water to several of the cities in the Delta Area.

Quintanilla said the second reason was a group of nutrias living in the canal.

The furry water mammals dug into the embankment, causing the concrete tubing supporting the road to collapse under the weight of the water.

"We're going to call our animal control warden, come in take a closer look at all our canal systems, Quintanilla said. Especially one like this, which run high water volumes of water, and make sure we get something done."

As far as the rodents living in the canal, he added they need to something about them too.

Maybe capture them, he said. We won't kill them, capture them and maybe move them to some other location."

Commissioner Quintanilla said work on the canal itself will continue for several days.

Crews will clean it up before allowing the water to flow once again.

Quintanilla added that precinct will also analyze whether this is the best time to widen the road.