Roll into Independence Day Flavor with Kumori!

In just a few hours, people will be firing up the grill and making their favorite outdoor recipes!

From traditional burger and dogs to fajitas, the menus will be extensive!

But if you TMre in the mood for something healthy and fun to make with the family why not try sushi?

Chef Satoru Any Anraku with KUMORI Sushi & Teppanyaki joined Sunrise to explain how to make your favorite rolls at home.

Kumori Locations:Nolana400 E Nolana St. Suite E, Mcallen, TX956.618.5677Up Town Plaza4500 N 10th St. Suite 50, McAllen, TX956.631.2822Ridge View Center1424 E Ridge Rd. Suite 1, McAllen, TX956.994.9664Palms Crossing3300 E Exp. Way 83 Suite 145, McAllen, TX956.630.5551San Antonio Now Open!700 East Sonterra Blvd. Suite 308, San Antonio, TX210.853.2001Coming Soon:Brownsville