Roma residents react to brutal murder of man known as 'El Brujo'

Roma police and the Starr County District Attorney TMs Violent Crimes Unit continued their investigation into the death of a Roma man.

Investigators told Action 4 news Juan Ricardo De La Cerda was found dead in his car around 10 Wednesday night.

Capt. Homer Flores with the Starr County District Attorney TMs Violent Crimes Unit spoke with Action 4 News about the crime.

"We were notified by neighbors that they heard the victim TMs car drive into the drive way, Capt. Flores said. They said they heard shots were fired and didn't hear any car leaving or coming into his property."

Flores said they do not have a suspect(s) or motive for the killing.

Investigators told Action 4 News that De La Cerda was no stranger to the law and coined the nickname ~El Brujo TM or ~The Witch. TM

Most of those who live on Violet Street refused to comment on the murder De La Cerda.

But one man said De La Cerda TMs death is a reminder of the dangers that lurk in the small community.

"The violence that goes on affects the whole city and community," ~Juan TM said.

It is violence, ~Juan TM attributes to the violence that has erupting just across the Rio Grande in a place he used to call home.

"People creating the violence over there are the one's creating the violence here, ~Juan TM said. It's the people involved in the illegal activity that bring the violence here."

He said, despite that, he still feels safer living in Roma than he ever did in Mexico.

"It's been a year since we moved from Mexico to Roma, ~Juan TM said. We've heard gunshots around here--but nothing like you hear in Mexico."