Rubio Trial sees last day in Cameron County

Judge Noe Gonzalez asked defense and state attorneys to consider keeping the costs down in the trial for John Allen Rubio.

Both sides met up Tuesday morning at the 138th District Court in Brownsville for the pre-trial hearing, the last one before jury summons begin.

Gonzalez ordered both defense and state attorneys to consider the costs of witnesses and experts in the case to avoid having them build up unnecessarily.

"No matter how much money the state had, I will not allow them to bring in 10 psychiatrist to say the same thing," he said, adding that he will not allow it from the defense either.

Judge Gonzalez also decided this will be the last hearing before jury summons to avoid tainting potential jurors.

"In 21 days, we'll have two groups assembled, he said. 300 have been summoned in the morning and 300 are going to be summoned in the afternoon."

On March 29, Gonzalez granted a change of venue, moving the trial to Hidalgo County.