Rumors of school violence fueled by social media

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The world will end Friday, and a student is bringing a gun to school.

That is just one of the messages circulating across Facebook and Twitter pages putting parents, students, teachers and staffers on edge.

Copy cats are trying to spark fear in people following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Twenty small children were shot and killed along with six adults.

This week numerous school districts across the Rio Grande Valley, and across the nation, sent home notes and posted messages on their school TMs websites to address the rumored violence set to happen on Friday.

Police and schools urge parents and teens to stop circulating the message on the social media feeds, because it fuel copy cats to act out unsuspecting threats.

At Sharyland I.S.D., parents wrote Action 4 News concerned about rumors circulating that violence would break out on campus before the Christmas break.


Sharyland ISD, along with several other Valley school districts, received news of rumors today (Thursday) about possible violence in the area before the Christmas holidays. These rumors have not been substantiated.

Sharyland ISD TMs priority is the safety of our students, staff and parents, so administration took a proactive approach and began speaking with students today and advised local authorities. We are also working with local authorities to have additional security at each campus.

We will have regular classes through Friday.

If any parent has any further questions or concerns, we ask they call their child TMs school or the central office at 956-580-5200.

Sharyland ISD

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The Mayan calendar cycle also ends predicting a spiritual awakening.

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