Runaway teen last seen leaving in car with three 'strangers"

A Brownsville middle schooler is missing after she never returned from school on Thursday.

"Her safety, her well being, who is she with, where is she at, has she eaten, if she's bathed? Anything and everything is going through my head," said a worried Isa Perry.

She is hoping for the best, but said it TMs a mother's worst nightmare.

"She was nowhere to be found...usually she calls and texts can I stay 20 minutes after? And she didnt give us a call," said Perry.

She waited for hours at Stillman Middle School in Brownvsville-only to find her 13-year-old daughter, Stephanie Sandoval, had runaway.

According to Stephanie's friends, she got into a teal car with three people. She told them days before she was moving out of state.

"Mexico is right across the border someone can easily just say let TMs go, it TMs okay," said Perry.

Brownsville PD told Action 4 while runaways are unfortunately a common occurrence, the probability of Stephanie crossing the border isn't likely.

"It TMs not very common, but the possibility is there because of the fact that we're so close to the border."

Police said runaways are typically found with friends. That comes as a relief to Perry, who said she just wants her daughter home safe.

"I TMm not upset that she left of she had thought of running away when she was upset-I just want to know she's okay and I want her to come home," said Perry.

Brownsville Police said parents should file a report right away if their child goes missing.

They add that it TMs important to be proactive knowing who their children TMs friends are and where they live because that is all crucial information that could help police locate a runaway child.