Sabal Palm Wants to Reach Students

Behind a metal border fence on Southmost Road in Brownsville lies an enchanted forest whose name is Sabal Palm.

Larry Loft is the President of the sanctuary and he told Action 4 their main purpose there is to educate.

"To encourage local people to come and school groups to come..the long term success of conservation is by showing young people why things are important to save," said Loft.

Students, Loft said are a big reason why after two years of being closed the sanctuary decided to reopen.

"It's a good place since travel into Mexico is a little iffy," explained Loft.

For years Loft said students at the University of Texas in Brownsville among others used a piece of land in Tamaulipas known as "Rancho Del Cielo".

Administrators at the sanctuary said they used the land to research its natural beauty and rich soil but with the growing violence across the border the trips there have come to a halt.

'The stations are still there we still maintain them all in great shape it's the uncertainty of travel between here and there that is kind of slowing things down," said Loft.

The sanctuary not only offers visible beauty with its vibrant plants, amazing animals and peaceful setting but the center's president said it also carries an amazing history he hopes will inspire those visiting this hidden treasure.