Safety of popular weight loss hormone questioned

By tablet, liquid or injection, HCG sells.In my field we have sold, I can TMt even keep track, said Hector Madrigal, owner of Hector TMs Health Co. in McAllen.

The hormone chorionic gonadotropin is reportedly extracted from a pregnant woman TMs urine.

Hector TMs Health Co. provides only liquid and HCG tablets.

He said HCG injections can be dangerous.

Twenty one days, 21 shots and you have to inject yourself in the stomach every day for 21 days to lose a pound or one pound and a half, said Madrigal. You have to stay on a 500 calorie diet.

For those reasons, the injection method raises concerns.

The Food and Drug Administration now wants customers to know it does not approve of HCG.

The Texas Attorney General worked out agreements between the FDA and several Texas weight loss clinics.

The FDA wanted the clinics to change how they advertise, stressing that the FDA does not approve of HCG.

Madrigal told Action 4 News his style of treatment is safe.

He said it should only be undertaken after thorough research.

It TMs intensive, said Madrigal. You have to be very serious, and it takes a lot of service. We have to sit down with you and talk about it.

According to Madrigal, there are scams involving HCG.

Madrigal said stores are selling a weight loss product claiming to have HCG.

He said if you check the small print, the bottle may say it contains none of the hormone.