Safety tips for Thanksgiving cooking

As you prepare to host family at your home for a tasty meal this Thanksgiving, keep in mind, Thanksgiving is the number one day for cooking fires. In fact, you are three times more likely to have a kitchen fire on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year.

It TMs a break from school for the kids, but in the kitchen there's no time to mess around for moms getting ready to feed the family this Thanksgiving.

Prepping the sides to go along with the turkey is not a small feat and requires heat just like that turkey ready to go in the oven. This family holiday can go from laughter and play to anguish and tragedy in a split second if you're not careful in the kitchen.

You can keep chaos at bay by following simple tips provided by San Benito Fire Marshall Henry Lopez.

Make sure you have a pan that's big enough to hold the turkey, grease can splash onto the oven, whether it TMs electric or gas, and start a fire."

Fire officials say if you have a fire extinguisher in your home, don TMt be afraid to use it, especially if you're taking the turkey outside to fry.

Lopez says, "When it comes to making a deep fried turkey the problem is they overfill the container and when they put it in, it splashes over. It's boiling and it flashes." Keep the traffic around the stove to a minimum and if something small flares up on your stovetop and you don't have an extinguisher on hand, there are ways to put it out safely.

"Don't use flour! Baking soda, salt, even sugar can be used because they create dust. If not, get everybody out of the house and call the fire department. Never put water on a cooking fire because it will flash up with the oils that are cooking." Smart cooking makes for a safe family who will be grateful eaters this Thanksgiving Day.