Sale of hospital leads to heated discussion among county leaders

Things got heated in the Cameron County Commissioner's Court on Thursday.

Leaders met to discuss what to do with the sale of Dolly Vinsant Memorial Hospital in San Benito.

Commissioners met on Thursday but are at odds with the City of San Benito, the school district and each other.

They all disagree on choosing a potential buyer.

In a two to two vote, county commissioners failed to approve a motion to accept the first offer.

Commissioners spent over an hour in executive session discussing the possible sale of the hospital to an investor group, which wants to turn the old hospital into a new health care facility.

The City of San Benito and San Benito CISD school board approved the $286,000 dollar offer.

Both and the city and the school district passed on a higher offer of $300,000 dollars.

County commissioners voted in open court to see if they agreed with the city and school district on accepting the lower bid.

But that's when things took a dramatic turn.

County Commissioners David Garza and Dan Sanchez voted to approve the lower offer but County Judge Carlos Cascos and Commissioner Sofia Benavides opposed it.

The motion then died prompting Cascos make a motion to consider approving the higher bid instead.

But Commissioners Garza and Sanchez left did not return to the meeting.

Sanchez says he left the meeting because he was late for another appointment not because he was upset.

County Commissioner Ernie Hernandez was absent from the meeting.

County attorneys were not able to explain what exactly what will happen from here, but they did mention the possibly of this property going up for sale in an upcoming auction.

Judge Cascos said it is customary for the county to accept the highest bid or offer on any project.

The lower bidders were at hand at the meeting but refused to comment.