Salon break-in leaves owner to pay for the losses

Juana Rodriguez has been cutting hair in the city of Port Isabel for more than 20 years.

She and her associates are hard at work today despite not having all the tools they are used to working with.

Walk-ins are welcome at Vidas Beauty and Barber Shop but not the type who come in after hours and take what's not theirs.

Juana says the shop was broken into once and just a few items stolen, then New Year's Day someone busted in through a back door and took everything they could carry.

Appliances like hair straighteners, curling irons and clippers, gels, nail polishes, shampoos and even towels taken from every single drawer in her shop leaving her with just a few items to use on her customers Friday.

They also took two flat screen tv's that were mounted on her walls.

She took no time putting in new doors and locks and getting surveillance cameras installed things she's never had to consider while working in the small city for more than two decades.

And with no insurance, the more than $8,000 in losses will come out of her own pocket in order to get her business back to where it was before the burglaries. But it's going to take more than money to fix the damage done to her sense of security.