Salvation Army asking for extra help this holiday season

Captain Rogelio Galabeas is extremely busy these days.

There's no time to celebrate the holidays when there are hundreds of people turning to the Salvation Army to just get by.

The Salvation Army in Harlingen services all of Cameron County and is always looking for that extra help from the community, especially during the holidays when instead of shopping for gifts, some families are trying to keep themselves in clean clothes, even if it's already been used.

Captain Galabeas says, "For many needy families who can't afford clothing they can come in and get a clothing voucher through our thrift store.

It gets them past that level so they can clothe themselves."

The Salvation Army Thrift Store located on Jackson Street on Harlingen is not just a place to find a good bargain, it's where your donated clothes and other items are sold to the community and the money goes right back to those people who can't make ends meet.

At the thrift store, every donated item, every purchase, every small effort goes a long way here.

Plus, every monetary donation dropped in a kettle this time of year helps now and stretches into next year.

"Everything we raise during this time period, starting the day after Thanksgiving, is budgeted for the entire year. We stretch it out. The more money we raise, the more we can help the community."

If you don't carry cash to drop in those kettles, the Salvation Army takes plastic now at certain locations.

"We offer the option that you can use your credit card to donate. The money stays in Cameron County and doesn't go anywhere else."

Shop, spend, and share the wealth this holiday season.