San Benito airman injured in Baghdad

A 2009 San Benito High School graduate was critically injured in what his family has called a non-combat related injury he sustained overseas.

Junior Aguilar has been serving a tour of duty in Iraq over the last three months with the United States Air Force.

He reportedly suffered major head trauma during a fall.

Aguilar TMs wife received a call from the military Friday morning about the injury, according to a relative.

Little details of the circumstances surrounding the injury were released to her.

The military did not immediately return phone calls from Action 4 News.

Aguilar apparently suffered brain hemorrhaging and facial skull fractures, according to a relative.

Friends and family turned to his Facebook page to share their support.

One person wrote: Praying for you.

Another person said: You're a warrior.

His mother, Cyndi Gonzalez, thanked people online for their prayers.

She posted on his page: my son and ur friend will pull out of this ok. He's needed by everyone. Thank you so much. God bless him and all of you.

Aguilar has a two year old daughter with his wife.

They could be flown to Germany to be by Aguilar TMs side if he should take a turn for the worst.

Right now, he TMs listed in critical but stable condition, according to a relative.

She added how Aguilar was expected to be flown to Germany at 7 pm, Central Standard Time, if he remained in stable condition.

Aguilar is from San Benito but currently resides in San Antonio were he based out of with the Air Force.