San Benito Bus Driver Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Flor Martinez

Flor Martinez was on her way back home from dropping off her grandchildren at school, when she came across a bloody scene near her home. A blue mustang flipped on its roof, and a motorcycle in ruins nearby.

Juan Luis Espinoza, 38, a San Benito school district bus driver was riding that motorcycle and didn't survive his injuries.

Director of Transportation Rolando Monsevalles said Espinoza had been with the department for about a year and a half.

"(He was) extremely bright, conscientious, very, very respectful, always very punctual, very gregarious individual, Monsevalles said. One that in a short time, grew to be a very integral part of our department and we're very, very saddened by his loss."

Police have not yet confirmed how the crash happened, but said the mustang may have tried passing up drivers by veering into the oncoming lane, crashing into Espinoza.

Martinez drives on FM 732 often road often and said a tragedy like this was bound to happen with so many people speeding past her home. The early morning fog did not help the situation.

"There's a school right here and you would think that with so many parents and children in the area, people would slow down, but they still don't, Martinez said.

Police have not yet revealed if Espinoza was wearing a helmet, but Monsevalles said his Harley Davidson was one of his means of getting to work. Monsevalles told Action 4 News, Espinoza was the last person he saw Thursday, as he was leaving the building.

(He looked at) me giving me a glance, of we'll see you - unfortunately that didn't come to pass."

He hopes Espinoza TMs family can have some comfort in knowing he was a responsible and dedicated bus driver.

"Our department TMs charged with the safe transportation of students from home to school and school to home we take that very, very seriously, Monsevalles said, and many times without thanks or recognition, but the buses roll."