San Benito CISD police officers sue the school district

Five longtime San Benito CISD police officers are suing the school district

San Benito CISD is facing a retaliation lawsuit that alleges numerous workplace violations in addition to not getting proper overtime pay.

Five longtime San Benito CISD police officers are suing the school district.

According to the federal lawsuit, filed July 7th, their complaints date back to March 2012.

John Espinoza, Omar Garza, Antonio Naranjo, Roel Olivares and Alberto Reyes claim they were improperly paid for overtime.

Still they were required to be on call 24 hours a day.

To top it off, they claim to be misclassified as exempt employees when they are non-exempt meaning they are entitled to overtime pay.

The employees also claim they weren't given credit for the amount of years they worked at the district.

Garza has worked 14 years with the district and only gets paid $33,308 per year.

The five also claim they didn't get a work-free lunch.

Now the officers said they shared their concerns with Superintendent Antonio Limon and the school Police Chief S.R. Garcia before filing the lawsuit and a complaint to the United States Department of Labor.

According to the lawsuit, Limon and Garcia admitted that the officers were not being paid properly and they told them to deal with it|that the system is the way it is.

However, they also claim there was a culture of retaliation involving a game with a vulgar name.

Action 4 News, contacted both sides and at this time neither side would comment.

This lawsuit comes a little over a month since Limon was reinstated as a superintendent after being put on a paid suspension for over a year.

Because the school board was investigating over 60 allegations made against him.

Investigators and board members found no merit to the allegations.

After Limon was reinstated as superintendent, he reappointed Chief Garcia as chief of police.

Click here to download a pdf of the lawsuit filed by the San Benito CISD officers