San Benito community wants light poles and speed bumps

Those living on FM 732 in San Benito didn't know the tragic events that were unfolding early Saturday morning.

"We felt the house shake when we heard the accident" Getrudes Luego said.

Getrudes said her family thought what they felt was an earthquake.

After several minutes the family went outside.

Getrudes said that's when her family saw the horrific scene where a teen driving a Chevy Silverado died after colliding with a tractor-trailer. In the 30 years Gertrudes lived in her home she's never witnessed something this horrific.

She said FM 732 is dangerous. "Lights and speed bumps are exactly what we need in the area, there TMs few people and the area is very rural cars pass really fast," Luego said.

She believes the lack of lighting plays a role.

Action 4 News took a drive to see exactly how many light post we would see and only saw three.

Getrudes said no lights and cars driving at high speeds are all recipes for disaster.

I never send the kids out to get the mail because the mail boxes are so close to the streets I just don TMt feel safe," Luego said.

It's about six miles from Expressway South 77 to FM 732.

Gertrude said she thinks putting up speed signs or road bumps would slow people down and cause fewer accidents.

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