San Benito Couple Celebrates 70 Years Of Marriage

A San Benito couple -- isn TMt only celebrating a new year ,but close to a century of marriage.

Its a landmark that's rarely seen.

From pearl harbor and world war 2...To several devastating hurricanes..Manuel and Tula Sanchez have gone through some of life TMs most precious moments and Saturday tonight they are celebrating 70 years of marriage.

The two had a special table set up just for them as friends and families from across the valley came out to greet them on this special night.

The Sanchez TMs got married January 4th 1941 in a small church in san Benito and have been in love ever since.

Family members say at their old age, they are still very much in love...

Out of the 70 years...The Sanchez TMs say...There was never a moment they regretted...

We asked the two what their most memorable moment was and Mrs. Sanchez told us that there are just too many good memories over the years to only pick one.