San Benito dad gets $200,000 in bonds in ecstasy pills case

Bernardo Bernal

A San Benito judge issued $200,000 in bonds to a young father whose child took ecstasy pills from the man's backpack and took them to school to share with friends.

Bernardo Bernal appeared before a San Benito municipal judge on Tuesday morning.

San Benito police arrested the 27-year-old man on a possession of a controlled substance charge as well as four counts of child endangerment on Tuesday.

Bernal's son allegedly took ecstasy pills from backpack at the family's home and took them to Roberts Elementary School where he shared them with classmates.

None of the children took the pills but the parents of one of the children notified authorities about what happened.

San Benito police discovered that Bernal's backpack had 344 pills of ecstasy in it.

The judge issued a $100,000 bond for the possession of a controlled substance charge and $25,000 for each child endangerment charge.

Bernal is expected to be transferred to the Cameron County Jail later today.