San Benito family still has no electricity

Most of the 31,000 AEP customers that were left in the dark by Tropical Storm Hermine had their electricity restored within a few hours. Only a few thousand are still without and have to find ways to escape the heat.

Maria de Jesus Hernandez visited her daughter's home in San Benito Wednesday but it wasn't like any given visit.

The 86-year-old woman went to her daughter's home to cook some food to eat because she has not had electricity at her home for the past two days.

We had light for about two hours (Tuesday) but then it went out again, Hernandez said. It's too hot for me - so I came over here."

The woman and her home health provider have been trying to escape the heat by sitting under her trees' shade and showering several times a day.

She also said she has high blood pressure and weak legs and simply can TMt stand the heat.

Even worse, she said, the meat, milk and other food in her refrigerator were ruined.

Her home at Gable Street in San Benito was without electricity for about a week during Hurricane Dolly, but this black-out was a total surprise.

"No- we did not expect this at all, Hernandez said. We didn't even lose electricity during Hurricane Dolly.

AEP spokesperson Frank Espinoza said the most affected areas for their customer base were Willacy County, Lyford, and Harlingen.

When crews began working Wednesday, only 5,900 customers were still without power.

Extra crews called in to restore electricity to everyone as soon as possible.

Espinoza said customers need to report all outages to ensure that AEP is aware of the problem and has a crew scheduled for that area or home.