San Benito father jailed after son took his ecstasy pills to school

Bernardo Bernal

A San Benito father is behind bars after his son took ecstasy pills from the man TMs backpack and passed them out to friends at a local elementary school.

San Benito police arrested 27-year-old Bernardo Bernal on possession of a controlled substance and three counts of child endangerment on Tuesday.

Investigators told Action 4 News that Bernal TMs son took ecstasy pills from the 27-year-old man TMs backpack and took them to class at Frank Roberts Elementary School.

The boy passed the pills out to two classmates.

One of the students took the pill home and told them he got it at school and that it would make him go to sleep.

The parent took the pill away and called the school officials.

Investigators learned that the pill was ecstasy, a illegal drug used in the underground dance club scene.

Police spoke to the second boy who received a pill and learned that he had thrown it away.

The student who gave out the pills told police that he took them from his father TMs backpack and that there were more.

Authorities searched the boy TMs home and found 344 ecstasy pill inside Bernal TMs backpack.

Bernal is expected to be arraigned on Wednesday.

San Benito police are reminding area parents to take extra precaution about what their kids bring home from school.

Police are asking parents to keep up good communication with their kids.