San Benito flooding issues blamed on drainage system

Residents on North Crockett Street in San Benito are angry because they claim the city has not done enough to improve the drainage system that backs up, spills onto the streets and sometimes into their homes.

They said that in just 15 minutes of rainfall Sunday, the neighborhood flooded with two feet of water. A new resident on North Crocket Street said she moved to the neighborhood a short time ago and thought she had found the perfect place to live - a school just a few steps away and an area the previous home owners told her was a flood free zone. But the woman said that has been far from the truth.

"My concern is the drainage system, the woman said. The drainage system is the worst there is here. The water can get really high, it can probably even go inside our home. If we have a hurricane, a depression, tropical storm, it's going to be the worst thing ever - we're going to have a lot of damage done around here." The woman who called for action said the flood waters can get knee-high affecting her home, vehicles and even her children's health when they become easy prey for blood sucking mosquitoes. Plus she said their education suffers when she can't drive them to school because her driveway is under water.

The school is just a short distance away, but she said she doesn't want them walking in dirty water.

At times they show up late to class. The woman said the flooding is also threatening her job security.

"The problem is that when I need to get to work or my husband needs to get to work, we have to call in sick because the water's too high we can TMt go out." The disgruntled mom and her neighbors have asked the city to do something about the drainage issue but they said the city has told them the pipes empty outside city limits and that takes time.

"My concern is that they don't do anything about it, the woman said. They want to raise everything - property taxes, our water bill is going up - we need something done around here. The drainage system is the worst there is (and) we need a change." The San Benito woman said she is even considering selling her home if the city can't improve the drainage system soon.