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      San Benito girl left home alone while mother rushed baby to hospital

      A 4-month-old San Benito boy is dead tonight while his mother is under investigation for leaving another child home alone.

      San Benito police said the baby TMs mother discovered him unconscious on Sunday morning and rushed him to the hospital.

      But investigators said it was already too late.

      Police said it's unknown at this time how the child died.

      Investigators said there were no obvious physical signs on the body but police say an investigation is underway.

      San Benito police learned about the incident after being called to a home on the 100 block of Norma Lee Lane around 8 a.m. Sunday.

      A concerned neighbor called police because the family had left their 7-year-old daughter home alone.

      Police arrived at the home, shortly followed by the girl's relatives.

      That's when police discovered that the girl's mother had rushed the baby boy to the Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

      Rogelio Banda with the San Benito Police Department spoke to Action 4 News about the investigation.

      Apparently, by the time the child arrived at the hospital, the information that we are getting is that the child had died we're treating this as a death investigation death so far, Banda said. We all, as parentsm have a duty to attend to every child we have to make arrangements and get the proper care for the child"

      The mother was not arrested for the alleged child abandonment or the infant's death.

      But Banda said the case is under investigation and they are awaiting autopsy results.

      Banda said a total of three children live at the home but one child had spent the night elsewhere.

      San Benito police notified Child Protective Services about the incident.