San Benito latest city to join crusade against 8-liner gambling

The City of San Benito is just the latest to jump on board with the Cameron County District Attorney Office TMs anti-gambling crusade.

City commissioners voted to approve a freeze on any future permits for 8-liners arcades.

District Attorney Luis Saenz attended the meeting and gave commissioners a list of reasons of why they should pass this moratorium to freeze permits for these businesses.

San Benito Mayor Joe Hernandez told Action 4 News that the commission voted unanimously to approve the freeze.

Although the city will lose $200,000 dollars per year from the permits game room owners have to pay, Hernandez said the city will not condone illegal activity.

Hernandez said that some residents that frequent the establishments will likely complain that they have nothing else to do for fun.

But he said the move will help establishments like bingo halls flourish again.

The moratorium is not set for a specific amount of time but Hernandez adds that the city will continue to support the district attorney's efforts.

What these people were doing is illegal and we found out and there's an investigation that's been going on for a year or so the results are that they are paying cash and we can't condone that and we're here to support whatever the district attorney is doing, Hernandez said.

The City of Harlingen also has a moratorium in place regarding 8-liners and Brownsville will consider a proposal for one next week.

The district attorney TMs office also published an ad in several newspapers on Sunday warning the public that individual gamblers will be arrested if caught gambling at illegal 8-liners during future raids.