San Benito leaders determine fate of civil servants

City leaders have been taking time to review the cases against a fire captain that showed up to work intoxicated, an officer recently arrested and an officer accused of road rage.

The San Benito Risk Assessment Committee met in executive session and first reviewed the case of a fire captain that Assistant City Manager Art Rodriguez said showed up to work intoxicated Saturday.

The captain, who had been with the fire department for 17 years, had his badge and gun taken from him following the incident.

The committee spent over two hours reviewing his case on Thursday.

Waiting to meet with the committee were Police Chief Martin Morales and Assistant Chief Michael Galvan who came to review two cases involving police officers.

Officer Candido Ortiz was arrested after a family violence dispute escalated to a brief stand-off where Ortiz allegedly pointed his work issued gun at a Cameron County sheriff deputy.

The other case, involves an officer who allegedly pulled over a driver while he was off duty and pointed his work issued gun at the woman.

The identities of the fire captain and one police officer have not yet been released since there were no arrests in their cases and these are personnel issues.

All three are suspended with pay pending the outcome of the committee reviews.