San Benito man allegedly tried to stab grandson during argument

      Carlos Monreal // Cameron County Jail Photo

      A San Benito man is behind bars after allegedly tried to stab his own grandson during a weekend domestic disturbance.

      San Benito police arrested 61-year-old Carlos Monreal on aggravated assault and assault family violence charges late Saturday night.

      Investigators told Action 4 News that officers were called to a home on the 800 block of Arlington Street for a domestic disturbance.

      A caller asked police to hurry up because a man was trying to stab another male family member.

      Officers learned that Monreal had gotten into a fight with his 31-year-old daughter but her 15-year-old son intervened.

      Monreal allegedly responded by pulling out a pocket knife and trying to cut his grandson.

      The 61-year-old man appeared before San Benito Municipal Court Judge David Garza who issued $10,000 dollars in bonds.

      Investigators said Judge Garza issued an emergency protective order against Monreal, who remains in custody at the Cameron County Jail.