San Benito man jailed in MySpace sex case

Kenneth Reagan Ledbetter

A San Benito man is behind bars for having a sexual relationship with a teenage girl he met on MySpace.

Cameron County Sheriff's Deputies arrested Kenneth Reagan Ledbetter under two sexual assault charges on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old San Benito man allegedly used the fake name of "Tristen" when he met a 15-year-old Weslaco girl on MySpace.

The girls parents told police that they noticed a change in her behavior but didn't learn about what was happening until she ranaway from home to meet him.

Court records filed in the case show Ledbetter traded telephone numbers and kept in touch through phone calls and text messages.

The two allegedly became involved in March.

Ledbetter allegedly took to the girl to his house on FM 3462 outside San Benito at least two times.

When the girls' parents confronted Ledbetter, he allegedly told them he was a Border Patrol agent, married and that there was nothing they could do about it.

An affidavit filed in the case revealed that Ledbetter was actually unemployed and living with his mother.

Ledbetter's mother told deputies that her son got rid of his cell phone and deleted his MySpace account.

Public records show Ledbetter has previous arrests for aggravated assault of a public servant, drag racing and driving with an invalid license.

The 29-year-old even served more than a year in prison at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's Garza West Unit outside Beeville for the aggravated assault of a public servant case.

Ledbetter remains in custody at the Cameron County Jail.