San Benito man worked to provide a home for his family, now they need donations for his funeral

22-year-old Jesus Reyes worked hard to support his family.

His relatives say he lived in the San Benito area his whole life and with a wife and two small children, moved into this trailer off Leal Road.

It is in very bad condition, but was a step up from the tiny mobile home they were in before.

His plan was to put in as many hours at work as possible to make their living situation more comfortable.

Reyes and his wife didn't have money for Christmas gifts for their children and had planned to finally buy them something last Friday, but the young father never made it home.

"We think he fell asleep."

His car was found in a canal, Reyes still alive but with extensive brain damage among many other injuries. He was pulled off life support Sunday night and his family made the decision to donate his organs.

"This is great for his children so they can know he was a hero and saved other lives."

They say he worked so hard for them in life so they will do what they can for his family now that he is gone.

They TMve pitched in all that they can, but Reyes' wife cannot afford to pay for his funeral and the family is asking for any help during this difficult time.

"We are asking the community to find it in their hearts to help us in any way possible."

An account has been set up for Jesus Reyes at Wells Fargo. For account information call (956) 456-4114