San Benito mother ticketed after toddler falls out of moving car

A San Benito mother is facing hundreds of dollars in fines after an incident where one of her children fell out of a moving car.

Investigators said the accident happened at the HEB supermarket off Business 77 just before 11 p.m. Saturday.

The 32-year old mother was headed out of the parking lot when her 1-year-old boy fell out of the vehicle.

Police said the woman's three children were inside her mini-van.

The woman's toddler fell out of the moving car after one of the older children opened the door.

San Benito Police Det. Rogelio Banda said he child was not hurt, but he was still taken to the hospital for observation.

Child Protective Services was notified about the incident.

The mother received three "unrestrained child" citations for a total of $621 dollars in fines.

Over the past three months, San Benito police said have issued 13 citations to local drivers for having unrestrained children under the age of four.