San Benito nun among 41 vying in on-line vote for $50,000

The Catholic Extension issues the Lumen Christi Award every year

A nun from San Benito is among 41 Catholics from across the United States vying for a $50,000 grant to improve their community.

The Catholic Extension is holding on-line voting for the Lumen Christi Award.

Voting ends on Friday, April 5th with the winner getting $25,000 dollars and their nominating diocese gets another $25,000 dollars.

Sister Zita Telkamp with the La Posada Providencia immigrant shelter just outside San Benito is among the nominees.

The San Benito nun works with asylum-seekers who come from all over the world fleeing from political oppression, natural disasters, poverty and more.

According to the Catholic extension website, Sister Telkamp offers more than a roof and a meal. She offers a real community based on Christian love.

Volunteers and staff make it their goal to treat every guest like family as they begin the long process of integration into American culture.

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