San Benito police find marijuana inside woman's traffic ticket

Amber Olmeda // San Benito Police Department

A San Benito woman is facing criminal charges after being pulled over in a traffic stop where officers found marijuana wrapped inside an old traffic ticket.

San Benito police arrested 19-year-old Amber Olmeda on multiple charges early Wednesday morning.

Investigators said an officer pulled Olmeda over for driving with her headlights near a park off near Stenger and West Rowson Streets.

The officer learned that Olmeda had $1,643.20 in unpaid traffic tickets in San Benito.

While being taken in a patrol car, the officer allegedly found a traffic ticket from a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) state trooper.

The officer allegedly found marijuana belonging to Olmeda inside the traffic ticket.

Investigators charged Olmeda with possession of marijuana in a drug free zone and the outstanding traffic tickets.

The 19-year-old woman appeared before San Benito Municipal Court Judge David Garza where she was issued a $3,000 dollar bond.