San Benito police officer accused of "Road Rage"

San Benito Police Chief Martin Morales is usually busy solving cases and guiding a department of nearly 50 officers in the right direction, but Thursday, the chief took a complaint calling out one of his own.

"I can confirm that we have received a complaint we have received something in writing describing the incident that occurred," Morales said.

The incident that allegedly took place, started at the intersection of Sam Houston Boulevard and frontage road in San Benito.

Aurora Cardoza said she was the passenger in an SUV with another woman and her 3-year-old niece.

When the light turned green and the car in front of them didn't move, they apparently honked at the driver - and that's when the alleged road rage began.

We pull to the side and try to pass him to beat him to the expressway, and he starts pressing on the gas (in order) for us not to pass him, Cardoza recalled.

We can TMt get on the expressway, and stay on the frontage (road) - so instead of him getting on highway, he starts tailgating us."

Cardoza said they pulled-over fearing for her niece's safety and, she proceeded to get off the car.

"He gets off and he has a gun in his hand and he yells, ~get back in the car I TMm pulling you over, TM Cardoza said. I said, ~what do you mean you're pulling me over? I don TMt even know who you are! You're not showing me no badge or nothing. TM

Cardoza said when she saw the gun she thought she was going to get robbed, assaulted or even killed.

"Then he told me he was an (off-duty officer), but that doesn TMt give him the right (to pull out a gun), Cardoza said. What if I had a gun to my name registered? I would've reacted - because that's a threat."

The San Benito Police officer - apparently in his own vehicle with a passenger - got into an argument with Cardoza until both parties called police to the scene.

There were no citations issued. Cardoza said the officer overstepped his boundaries and should be held accountable for his actions.

Chief Morales said the personnel issue will be taken seriously and investigated internally, before action is taken.