San Benito robbery suspect used bicycle for getaway

Authorities are asking for your help tracking down a masked man who robbed a San Benito store at knifepoint and rode off on his bicycle.

It all happened at the Rodriguez Grocery Store off Ratliff Street in San Benito on Saturday night.

San Benito police said he suspect made off with a couple hundred dollars but a nearby business caught him on camera.

The suspect apparently scoped out the business by riding his bike near there several times.

Once the coast was clear, the masked man went in with a six-inch knife, demanded cash and made off on his bike.

No injuries were reported but police said the suspect dropped some of the dollar bills during his getaway.

Those dollar bills have been sent to a forensics labs to check for any fingerprints.

The suspect is described as Hispanic, Spanish-speaking male who was last seen wearing a grey, hooded sweatshirt.