San Benito school board meeting terminates attorney, does not reprimand Superintendent

Newly elected San Benito school board President Yliana Rodriguez proposed to reprimand school Superintendent Tony Limon, as well as the termination for school Attorney Gustavo Acevedo.

The reasons behind these were somewhat unclear.

Acevedo even told Action 4 News before Monday evening's meeting that although he did not understand the reason for his possible termination, he serves at the discretion of the school board.

He also said quote "They do not need a reason to terminate my legal services. If the board majority wants to go in a different direction, I will respect their wishes."

The board stated that Acevedo's fees were too high for the district, but that even if they terminate him, he is allowed the opportunity to re-bid for the position of school attorney in the future.

The majority agreed for Acevedo's termination in a vote of six to two.

The call to reprimand Superintendent Limon was discussed in executive session.

Superintendent Limon spoke with Action 4 News after the executive session was adjourned.

He stated that no reprimand was taken against him, and that the board will work together as a group of eight together for the betterment of the district.

The reason for his reprimand in the first place was not revealed.