San Benito security guard charged with firing weapon at car

      Eric Gonzales // San Benito Police Department Photo

      A San Benito security guard is facing criminal charges after he fired a gun at a car he thought was involved in a crime.

      San Benito police reported 19-year-old Eric Gonzales surrendered to investigators on Wednesday morning.

      Investigators told Action 4 News that Gonzales is facing an aggravated assault charge for an incident that happened back on April 12th.

      Police said Gonzales was working as a security guard for a business off the 2500 block of West Expressway 77/83.

      Gonzales allegedly fired at a moving vehicle believe that a criminal act just took place at a business he was hired to protect.

      Nobody was injured during the incident but police obtained an arrest warrant against Gonzales.

      The 19-year-old Harlingen man was released after posting a $5,000 dollar bond.